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Waist Height Turnstiles

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Waist Height Turnstiles

Waist Height Turnstiles

Pedestrian Access Control Systems

Manufactured By OZAK

Vehicle & Pedestrian Access Products

Key Features

Dimensions: 1210 x 280 + Arm length (470 mm) x 1000 mm 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) Stainless steel with brushed (Opt. Satin) surface. Protected against water for outdoors use. Half- cylindrical rounded legs. Decorative indicators on both legs in double stripe form. (Automatic Drop Arm) Retractable Ø40mmx1

2mm 304-Grade (Opt. 316-Grade) (Opt. anodised hard aluminium). Arms can be dismantled or mounted one by one separately. IP 54 Outdoor rated (Opt. IP 56) / 1M Cycles


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Double leg/bridge type tripod turnstile with for locations aiming pedestrian access control and medium level security. While adding aesthetics to your locations with its rounded legs and special design indicators, it offers motor driven mechanics and automatic drop arm features as standard properties.