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About Enterprise Solutions Pakistan (ESP)

At Enterprise Solutions Pakistan (ESP) we give vent to our passion for the image through the design and development of cutting-edge network and analogue cameras, applying all the professionalism and ethical approach of a team of experts dedicated to the study of the image in all its most complex aspects, and in particular, in professional security applications. We go a long way to ensure quality of the product and fulfilling customer requirements, the product portfolio shows our commitment to emerging markets and growing economies worldwide. As UK Company we pride in quality of the product and a price where product is accessible to all verticals and markets.

In order to offer truly innovation, carefully designed solutions that boast peerless performance, we have chosen the only path possible: quality without compromise. Firstly, we only use quality parts, strictly focusing on the very best of what every specific technology has to offer worldwide. Then there is the excellent know-how of our engineers, who are constantly working on ambitious research and development projects on all the latest technologies.

Here at Enterprise Solutions Pakistan (ESP) we believe in the power of images, in the potential of technology and in the value of excellence. This is why we can make all the difference in the quality of your video surveillance system. Airports, Sports facilities, resorts, businesses, shopping centers and Homes are just a handful of the places where Enterprise Solutions Pakistan (ESP) can offer improved solutions for your security system. Our wide range of products combined with the specialist expertise of our advisors can help to plan more effective video surveillance systems for any room or any type of application. Solutions that guarantee complete control, even for large areas, with the peace of mind that you can enhance any details at any moment.

In an age when video has become the most powerful and instantaneous means of communication, we have decided not to stand by and watch but rather to lead this change that is as fast as it is exciting. Every one of our engineers is driven by a genuine passion for visual culture and by their desire to offer the video surveillance sector the same very high quality standards that up until now had only been achieved in the world of broadcasting.

Services Provided By Enterprise Solutions Pakistan

Distributors of the innovative technology

Distributors of IBM (International Business Machines) in Pakistan

Providing 3M Networking Solutions

Providing 3M Libraray Management Solutions

Providing PELCO Security Solutions

Enterprise Solutions Pakistan Appointed as an Pelco Security Cameras Distributor in Pakistan

Enterprise Solutions Pakistan has worked with Pelco and Schneider Electric products in the region in the past and is well versed with industry requirements of IP and Analog CCTV systems.


Enterprise Solutions Pakistan is a security research and consulting think tank in Berlin. Our consulting work contributes to strategic technology projects at Fortune500 companies where we help in understanding and mitigating technology risks. Our security research presented at high-impact security conferences drives security evolution. Past research areas covered RFID, Mobile, and SIM card security. See research for other examples. Our young team is looking to grow in the following capacities.


Working in the information security arena for a number of years and facing various challenges along the way, We've come to recognize several key factors that must be considered in almost every situation. We've learned that you have to "Mind your P's" when trying to implement security controls. Although this set of ideas can be applied to most aspects of business, they're especially helpful in understanding the success or failure of a security program in a given organization.


Enterprise Solutions Pakistan offer a range of services from commercial and retail, to domestic security systems. All our installations will be performed to the highest standard with quality equipment & engineers. We are not restricted in supplying equipment from one manufacturer, our policy is to advise and scope the most cost effective package tailored to suit your security requirements. Our after sales service is the most important part of our business and we hope you can become one of our many satisfied customers.